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Upcoming Events

Watch for upcoming ALL ARRESTEE Meetings as needed in response to protest arrests. Also check our facebook and instagram for more updates.

Launching Fundraiser for Montez Lee – February 16!

We are helping to raise money for Montez Lee for when he is released (date unknown) to help support his personal needs such as housing, clothing, and transportation, as well as help him to take care of his children. The money raised will also contribute to his ongoing financial needs while incarcerated, such as for stamps, phone calls, and email correspondence.

“My name is Montez Lee. I was arrested during the George Floyd riots. I have been wrongly accused of arson by the federal government. I have been incarcerated for the last 8 months and have only been in front of a judge once since. I have been denied bail release pending trial because I am a supposed danger to the public and a flight risk even though I’ve never ran from an officer and I’m a respected community member. I am a father to two children who I have had little contact with due to being incarcerated. I have lost everything I’ve had because of this situation. With high hopes of prevailing, I’m asking for help with restoring my life. I have nothing to come home to in terms of housing, clothing, and transportation. I hope to help others who have been wrongly accused and steer them in the right direction, in the future. I also hope to go back to college to do so. Every dollar donated is a step closer to achieving that. Thank you for your contributions.”


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