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For Arrestees

For the most up to date info visit our facebook @mnuprising


Minnesota Uprising Arrestee Support (MUAS) is an ad-hoc grouping of arrestees, their friends and comrades, community members, activists, and legal workers. We are only as strong as our solidarity and our capacity together. We need you to bring your vision, passion, and skills to grow our collective power.


Need Financial Support in dealing with your arrest?

In the past MUAS was re-granted funds from the MN Freedom Fund. It is unclear at this time if these funds will continue. Contact our finance committee for updated info and a financial support application.



Frequently Asked Questions


If you have questions specific to the November 4th mass arrest on I-94 please also look HERE.

I am considering going Pro Se (representing myself). What do I need to know?

Check out this video from our first intro to Pro Se session:

Check out our Pro Se support page HERE

What if I want to pursue a civil action?

The National Lawyers Guild and other local attorneys have put together information to help you understand your options HERE

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